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6 Ways To Smoke THCA Diamond Concentrates

6 Ways To Smoke THCA Diamond Concentrates

16th Mar 2023

If you're a cannabis enthusiast looking for new and potent ways to enjoy your THCA diamond concentrates, you're in luck! THCa diamonds are a highly concentrated form of cannabis that can pack a punch with their high THCa content, and there are several creative ways to smoke them. In this article, we'll explore how to smoke THCa diamond concentrates in six different ways for an elevated cannabis experience.


Dabbing is one of the most popular methods for consuming THCA diamond concentrates. To dab, you'll need a dab rig, which typically consists of a glass piece with a nail or banger attachment, a torch, and a dab tool. Heat the nail or banger with the torch until it's red hot, then let it cool for a few seconds. Use the dab tool to scoop up a small amount of THCA diamonds and place them onto the hot nail or banger, inhaling the vapor as it's produced. Dabbing provides a powerful and immediate effect, making it a preferred method among experienced cannabis users.


Vaporizing is another efficient way to smoke THCA diamond concentrates. Vaporizers heat the concentrate to a temperature that vaporizes the cannabinoids and terpenes without burning the material, resulting in a smoother and potentially less harsh experience compared to dabbing. There are various types of vaporizers available, including portable pens, tabletop devices, and electronic nails (e-nails) for dab rigs, which offer different levels of convenience and customization.

Hot Knifing

Hot knifing is an old-school method of smoking concentrates that involves heating up a knife or other metal object, pressing a small amount of THCA diamonds between the hot knives, and inhaling the resulting vapor with a straw or other makeshift device. While hot knifing can be effective, it requires caution and precision to avoid burning yourself or wasting the concentrate.

Glass Bowls or Bongs

Another way to smoke THCA diamond concentrates is by using a glass bowl or bong. Simply load a small amount of crushed THCA diamonds into the bowl or bong's bowl piece, light it up, and inhale through the mouthpiece. The water in the bong can help to cool and filter the vapor, providing a smoother smoking experience.

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are a popular cannabis preparation that involves coating flower buds with a layer of concentrate and then rolling them in kief. You can also create moon rocks using THCA diamond concentrates for an extra potent experience. To smoke THCA diamond moon rocks, simply break them apart and add them to your bowl or bong, or mix them with flower and roll them into a joint. The combination of flower, concentrate, and kief creates a multi-layered and highly potent smoking experience.

Glass Dab Straws

Glass dab straws, also known as nectar collectors, are another trendy method for smoking THCA diamond concentrates. These glass tubes typically have a pointed end for heating and a wider mouthpiece for inhaling. To use a glass dab straw, heat the pointed end with a torch, dip it into your THCA diamonds, and inhale through the mouthpiece as you vaporize the concentrate. Glass dab straws are portable, easy to use, and offer a unique and flavorful dabbing experience.

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