Greenhouse Cultivation: The Journey to Growing Hemp Flower

Greenhouse Cultivation: The Journey to Growing Hemp Flower

22nd Jun 2022

After our experience with wholesaling to retailers and observing the exploding hemp market around us, we realized that there was something important missing. Very few farmers and brands genuinely made the effort to produce natural, clean, and high-quality smokable flower. With the consumer's long-term wellness in mind, in 2020, we embarked on a mission to grow the best quality flower we possibly could. This was our third year cultivating hemp and our second year growing in a greenhouse environment. Our main focuses were controlling pests and diseases without chemicals or pesticides, controlling the lighting to maximize yields, and properly drying and curing. This was to ensure the smoothest and cleanest experience for anyone who smokes our flower.

Phase 1: Preparation

Preparing clones, setting up the irrigation, and placing the ground plastic.

Phase 2: Air System

Cleaning up, trimming the greenhouse plastic, and setting up wiring for the fans.

Phase 3: Finishing Touches

Adding supplemental lighting and finalizing preparations to get ready for planting day.

Phase 4: Collecting Vermicompost

Measuring out 18%, by volume, of vermicompost for our soil mixture. This will not only increase our yields but also help or plants resist diseases throughout the entire grow.

Phase 5: Planting Day

The team gathers together to mix up the soil and plant hundreds of pots to begin the grow cycle.

Phase 6: Irrigation Setup

To keep the plants happy they need to be watered minimally from hour to hour.

Phase 7: Soil Biology Using Compost Tea

To diversify the biology of our soil we use compost tea as an integral part of our process, because it leads to a healthier immune system for the plants, creating more resistance to pests and disease.

Phase 8: Placing the Trellis

Also known as the “hippie trap” trellising is known to support cannabis branches as they grow in girth. This extra support tells the plant to actively grow without any restrictions.

Phase 9: Light-Deprivation System

Installing the blackout system that will allow us to give the plants precisely 11 hours of daylight so that they can begin to flower. We created a tunnel system that allows for sufficient air flow into the greenhouse, while maintaining the humidity, and most importantly keeping light from seeping in.

Phase 10: Pruning

Pruning is important for maximizing yield and top cuts as well as maintaining a healthy plant.

Phase 11: Harvesting

PH water and hydrogen peroxide is used to flush the plants of its nutrients that didn’t get used, leaving thoroughly cleansed buds, right before harvesting.

Phase 12: Drying and Curing

To achieve the highest quality, our jarred flower is hung-dried, with the leaves kept on to protect the trichomes, to then be hand-trimmed.

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