How To Smoke Shatter with or Without a Rig

How To Smoke Shatter with or Without a Rig

9th Sep 2023

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, shatter is one of the most popular forms. It's a crystalline, glass-like extract that packs a potent punch. If you're a newbie to the world of shatter or just exploring different methods of consumption, you're probably asking, "how do you smoke shatter?" or "what's the best way to smoke shatter?" We've got your answers right here.

Understanding Shatter

Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate extracted using butane or CO2. The end product is a translucent, amber-colored substance that can be brittle or slightly sticky based on its temperature and composition.

Smoking Shatter with a Rig: The Ideal Way

The best way to smoke shatter is by using an oil or dab rig. This method allows for optimal consumption, ensuring you get the most out of your shatter.

  • Setting up the Rig: Start by heating the nail or banger using a torch until it turns red-hot.
  • Cooling Period: Let the nail cool down for a few seconds. This is crucial as an overly hot nail can degrade the shatter, altering its flavor and potency.
  • Dabbing the Shatter: Using a dab tool, take a small piece of shatter, place it onto the nail, and inhale deeply. Exhale, and enjoy the flavors and effects.

Alternative Methods: Smoking Shatter without a Rig

If you don't have access to a dab rig, don't worry; there are several alternative methods that you can use to enjoy shatter.

  • Vape or Dab Pens: A convenient alternative, these pens are designed to vaporize concentrates. Simply place a small amount of shatter into the chamber, heat, and inhale.
  • Hot Knives: This method is a bit old-school. Take two knives and heat their tips using a stove or torch. Once hot, place a small piece of shatter between the knives, press them together, and inhale the vapor using a straw or tube.
  • Waxing a Joint: This involves integrating shatter into your joint. Depending on the consistency of your shatter, you can roll it between your fingers. The warmth from your body can soften it up, allowing you to form a skinny string which can be placed inside the joint. You can also spread the shatter on the inside of the rolling paper, ensuring it's mixed well with the dried flower.
  • Using a Pipe: If you're more of a pipe person, you can smoke shatter by placing it on top of dried cannabis in the pipe. Just ensure you have a pipe screen to make cleanup easier.
  • Cigarette Method: For those who like cigarettes, you can apply shatter to the end of one. Let it melt onto the ember and enjoy the combined effects of tobacco and shatter.

Edibles: A Non-Smoking Option

For those looking to avoid smoking, turning shatter into edibles is an option. Remember to decarboxylate the shatter first to activate its THC content. Once decarbed, you can integrate it into butter or oil, which can then be used in various recipes.

Shatter offers a unique and powerful experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you're using a high-end dab rig or just rolling it into your joint, the key is to find the method that suits you best. Hemp Generation recommends that users consume responsibly. If you're new to shatter, start with small amounts to gauge its effects. Remember, the journey is as essential as the destination, and finding out how to smoke shatter in a way that pleases you is a rewarding adventure in itself.

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