Liquid Diamonds: What They are & How They are Made

Liquid Diamonds: What They are & How They are Made

13th Sep 2023

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis concentrates, there’s a new player that’s creating a buzz: Liquid Diamonds. This concentrate offers a unique blend of potency and flavor, and it's quickly gaining traction in the market. But what exactly are liquid diamonds, and how are they produced?

What are Liquid Diamonds?

Liquid Diamonds, at its core, is a combination of THCa diamonds and live resin sauce. This union results in a concentrate with both solid and liquid properties, making it as mesmerizing to behold as it is to consume. The name "liquid diamonds" perfectly captures the essence of this product, illustrating its purity and the crystalline characteristics of its makeup.

Why the Hype Around Liquid Diamonds THC?

The charm of liquid diamonds THC is found in its purity and potency. These concentrates are known to have a THC content that exceeds 97%. That’s a significant concentration, especially when you consider that other concentrates, like distillates, typically hover around the 93% mark.

Liquid diamonds retain the vibrant terpenes from the live resin, offering users an enhanced flavor profile and a more complete entourage effect. This marriage of high potency and intense flavor is what makes liquid diamonds weed stand out in the crowded world of cannabis concentrates.

The Intricate Process of Making Liquid Diamonds

Understanding how liquid diamonds are produced requires a brief insight into the creation of live resin:

  • Live Resin Extraction: Live resin is derived from fresh, frozen cannabis plants. By using plants in their living state, the end product boasts a richer profile of terpenes, flavors, and cannabinoids. This is achieved through a process where the plants are flash-frozen using dry ice or liquid nitrogen.
  • Crystallization & Growth of Diamonds: Post extraction, the live resin undergoes crystallization. During this phase, when a minuscule amount of solvent is left in the extract and allowed to purge for an extended period, THCa begins to crystallize. These crystals, or "diamonds", can have a purity ranging from 95% to 99%.
  • Separation & Decarboxylation: The next step involves separating the THCa diamonds from the live resin sauce. Once separated, the diamonds need to undergo decarboxylation. This is a heat-driven process that converts THCa into its active form, Delta 9 THC. As THCa diamonds are exposed to heat, they turn into a liquid state. The longer the heat is applied, the more THCa converts to Delta 9 THC, which remains liquid at room temperature.

The Delicate Balance: THCa vs. Delta 9 THC

Turning diamonds into a liquid state involves a careful balance. Short heating intervals can melt the THCa into a liquid, but prolonged exposure will decarboxylate it entirely into Delta 9 THC. Companies need to tread carefully here, as the longer THCa remains liquid, the more it transforms into Delta 9 THC. This is why Hemp Generation opts out of selling THCa cartridges.

Liquid Diamonds offer cannabis enthusiasts a potent and flavorful experience, different from any other concentrate on the market. While the process of making them is intricate, the result is a product that beautifully marries potency with a full spectrum of flavors. Whether you're new to the world of cannabis concentrates or a seasoned veteran, liquid diamonds THC is a must-try. Remember, as with all cannabis products, always consume responsibly and ensure you're sourcing from reputable providers.

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